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Not every business is looking for a full outsourced call centre solution. Whether it is a simple overflow and peak time provision, or a disaster recovery or rapid response partner, you are looking for we can provide a service that can be tailored to fit your business perfectly.

Out of Hours

In today’s tough economic climate, it is crucial to provide your customers with exceptional levels of service, and to be available when they want to contact you. For many businesses being able to assure your customer that you are here day and night is essential. KC Contact Centres is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year call centre, so whatever solution you need: we’re here every day of the year to provide it.

For businesses that take sales and orders over the phone; a call missed is a customer lost. By not opening your call centre 24/7 you could be missing out on important revenue. KC Contact Centres have the technical expertise to ensure transferring your calls out of hours to our advisors is not a problem, and by integrating your systems into ours, you don’t have to worry about the customer experience or any extra work for your staff.

You may already have a 24/7 call centre operation but you need to reduce costs. Keeping a building lit, heated and insured throughout the night is expensive; we are already open for our other clients and so could also be saving you valuable money.

Rapid Response & Issue Management

KC Contact Centres have worked with a number of private and public sector organisations that have needed a rapid response or issue management solution. 

Perhaps you have a product cancellation or recall, need to contact some customers or citizens quickly about an issue, or you need to offer advice and information. KC Contact Centres has a wealth of experience in setting up and operating sudden large inbound and outbound calling operations working with companies such as the Inland Revenue, where we have mobilised a team within days of receiving the initial specification.

Perhaps you are suddenly experiencing high volumes of inbound calls to your current contact centres due to a national incident such as flooding or an outbreak of an illness such as Swine Flu, or Foot and Mouth. KC Contact Centres have the infrastructure and experience in place to ramp up inbound, outbound or bureau call centre operations immediately without a compromise on service

Reactive, responsive and highly trained, our ready-to-respond team are here to meet a diverse range of challenges and support you and your business when you need it most.


Whether it is part of a rapid response strategy or campaign management plan KC Contact Centres are the ideal partner for your overflow partner. Not only are we experts in customer contact but we also have the technological expertise to easily integrate your systems into our own to provide a flawless extension to your call centre, your customer won’t be able to tell the difference.

When you trust KC Contact Centres to handle your overflow calls, we become part of your business. Whether on a temporary or an on-going business, every member for our team knows that they are representing you and your brand’s values. And being a 24/7, 365 days a year call centre means there are no limits as to when we can support your business. 

If you are planning peak time operations such as Christmas or the summer holidays or a high response from a marketing campaign; KC Contact Centres will work with you on a strategy that will work hard for your business and your bottom line.


KC Contact Centres’ Management Team have years of experience in the contact centre industry and have worked across a variety of challenges and on a number of projects. If you are looking for a consultant to work with you on improving customer satisfaction our team have the knowledge and experience to work with you and coach your team on achieving the right performance. KC Contact Centres have been recognised across several bodies including the CCA and The Top 50 Awards for the outstanding customer service they provide in both - particularly in the demanding Public Sector. 

It could be that you are setting up a new call centre in your organisation and want a consultant to work through both the operative and planning stages of this process with you to ensure you get off to the best possible start. With experience across Directory Enquiries, sales campaigns, customer services and much, much more there is nothing they can’t provide specialist knowledge on.

Disaster Recovery

All businesses should have a disaster recovery or business continuity plan whether you are a private or public sector business. Many companies tend to look on the bright side and believe that the need for a disaster recovery plan is unnecessary. However it doesn’t have to be something as huge as an earthquake or terrorist attack - what about the floods in 2007, or if a building firm accidently cut through the power to your building? It might not be an incident that affects you directly but that could affect one of your clients that will lead to an unheard of spike of calls into your team. Planning for the unknown is just good business planning.

As part of the KCOM Group, KC Contact Centres has the technical expertise in-house to easily re-route your calls, emails and faxes, or support lines without any hassle or expensive costs. As an award winning contact centre with one of the lowest staff turnover rates and some of the best people in the UK; partnering with KC Contact Centres for your disaster recovery plan means that you don’t have to worry about any aspect of implementation.

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  • Reactive, responsive & highly trained teams
  • Operational 365 days a year
  • Public and Private Sector experience
  • Inbound and outbound disaster recovery and Rapid Response strategies

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