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Whether you want to outsource a full section of your business or you just want support for marketing campaigns we have a range of services that can make your business more money.

Directory Enquiries

KC Contact Centres are the UK’s largest wholesale provider of directory enquiries services. We have over 20 customers and manage over 40 different 118 numbers which include charities, telecom firms and private sector companies like the Independent Radio News Network that own Maureen 118 212.

Our experience along with a platform specifically designed to handle the high volume and unique demands of directory enquiry calls, has put us in an enviable position in the market place to deliver this type of service. KC Contact Centres can not only launch a 118 service but we also have considerable experience in migrating live services to our call centre. Our experience, dedication and commitment to providing customers with a superior service have resulted in us receiving back-to-back Best Wholesales Directory Enquiries Awards.

With our experienced Directory Enquiry staff we can provide you with an outstanding service that works hard for your business.


Fundraising can be challenging, but we like a challenge! Like a lot of our services to generate income depends on the people you employ and the relationships they can build with the person you call. Whether it is taking calls for a huge fund raising campaign such as Red Nose Day or calling an existing database we have the expertise and staff to deliver fantastic results.

You may just need an overflow service for a particular campaign or you might want to reduce costs by outsourcing your out of hours calls, we are here 24/7 365 days a year. After all a call missed is a donation lost!

Trusting a business to make calls on behalf of your organisation can seem daunting but everything we do mirrors your own high standards and every time we engage with your customers we do so with faultless professionalism.

Upselling & Cross Selling

Whether we are making business-to-business or business-to-consumer calls on your behalf our approach remains the same, to act purposefully and with integrity at all times. We have notable up-sell and cross-sell acumen and have worked with a number of clients on local and national campaigns that have included both inbound and outbound calling.

Outsourcing your up-sell or cross-sell campaign is a great way to win new business quickly and also means that you can downsize the operation rapidly after the promotion without any worry. The flexibility and resources we can provide mean that this type of campaign doesn’t have to be a headache, we move in line with you.

With an experienced contact centre like KC you don’t have to worry. Each client we work with has its own brand values and our teams are trained to ensure that we provide an impeccable and flawless service to every single customer.

Booking & Ticket Office

Managing your own team or call centre for a booking or ticket office is an expensive way to do it. When we speak to our customers they often don’t think about all the costs involved, it’s not just the expense of staff, IT software and hardware - you also have the expense of insurance, building, utilities and even training. KC Contact Centres have a purpose built call centre that is open 24 hours a day that eliminates these costs for you.

Our team can manage the process from the initial call, to managing the booking and taking the payment for you. Whether it is for theatres, cinema chains or sports venues we have the knowledge and skills to provide you and your customers with a top class service. Our experience with customers like Cineworld and Empire Cinemas combined with our awards for customer service are just some of the reasons our customers keep coming back.

Appointment Setting

Do you want your Sales Team to concentrate on selling? Perhaps you already have a Telesales Team that you have invested time and money in to develop them to sell. Or maybe you have a remote Sales Team and you want to limit the amount of time they spend behind a desk calling customers and maximise the amount of time they spend out selling.

KC Contact Centres can manage your appointment setting, whether it is taking inbound calls or generating leads and appointments for your team through outbound calling. We can work with the systems and process you have in place to put you in front of the people that really matter, your customers.  As part of the KCOM Group we have the technical expertise to integrate into your existing infrastructure and provide a seamless extension to your business.


Successful telemarketing relies on the ability to build an instant raport with a customer, something we have spent a lot of time perfecting. We know that people buy from people, which is why we invest a lot of time in putting together the right team to get the very best result from your campaigns. We believe that the best results come from a solid relationship which is why we work closely with you and take the time to understand your business and customers long before we start a telemarketing campaign.

By outsourcing a telemarketing campaign you can reduce costs that you would normally have to face such as recruiting staff, increasing your IT infrastructure and finding office space, maximising your return on investment on a campaign. KC Contact Centres provide accurate reporting on the progress of campaigns, tailored to your requirements so you can always monitor the results of a campaign.

We have lots of experience in telemarketing campaigns from Eon and Jersey Telecom to the brands in our own group and more. We’re committed to getting the very best results from your campaign and our performance speaks for itself with a National Sales award. Our clients continue to benefit from our experience year after year. 

At a glance

  • Generate more sales and reduce costs
  • Experience in Business to Business and Business to Consumer campaigns
  • Award winning Sales Team
  • 24/7, 365 days a year service

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Flexible call handling from KC Contact Centres: helping to improve local health and social care.

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Network Rail

Network Rail felt it was important to improve service levels and customer satisfaction. needed to ensure that its customer care capabilities could be rapidly scaled up.