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The benefits of using social media in a contact centre

Wed Aug 20, 2014

Social media has had a major impact on customer service and consumer behaviour and changed where customers seek help and advice.

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5 key skills for giving great customer service

Thu Aug 14, 2014

Great customer service skills will give a great impression of you and the company you represent

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6 steps for conducting effective market research

Thu Aug 07, 2014

Market research helps you understand your existing and potential customers and how you compare to your competition

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Top tips for getting the most out of mystery shopping

Fri Aug 01, 2014

Allowing a mystery shopper to act as a real customer shows what it’s like doing business with your business

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Learn the benefits of using Net Promoter Scores as a customer service measure

Thu Jul 24, 2014

NPS can be measured in real-time to get a true understanding of the customers’ experience.

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Top Tips for resolving customer complaints

Fri Jul 18, 2014

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid complaints. These helpful tips will help you resolve customer complaints first time

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Why listening to your customers matters

Thu Jul 17, 2014

Making your customer the hero of your brand empowers them and who better to tell your brand story than a hero?

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5 ways Live Chat can help you do more business

Fri Jul 11, 2014

Don't let your potential customers click away from your website

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Human vs Machine

Mon Sep 05, 2011

Has the time come to switch off the IVR and start speaking directly to customers?

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For any channel, it’s all about control of the ‘remote’

Wed Jun 01, 2011

How effective is it for business to use their own 'remote' call centre staff?

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