Improve Customer Satisfaction

For businesses in today’s climate, high customer satisfaction is vital. With increased competition there is always someone, waiting to steal your customers. KC Contact Centres has worked with a number of Private and Public Sector clients and consistently achieves over 98% customer satisfaction for them.

When it comes to customer satisfaction our experience has shown that a number of factors can affect how a customer feels and it starts from before the call is even answered!

We’ve all been there, we want to speak to someone because we have a query, we want to pay a bill or even order a new product or service and we are left on hold for 30 minutes. To make it worse we have 30 minutes of ‘Green Sleeves’ playing down the phone, and this is before anyone has even answered the phone. Or perhaps we have just finished work and want to pay a bill but the call centre we are ringing doesn’t have an out of hours service. It drives us all mad and yet sometimes we forget that our customers have to do the same to get in touch with us.

If you have your customer services or order lines in house it might not be practical to have more people answering the phones, perhaps you don’t have any room on site or the cost implications to make the service 24/7 make it unrealistic. This is where we can help. We can design a service that meets your vision and our services can upsize and downsize to meet the demand. Not only that but you can set Service Level Agreements, for example the maximum time for a customer to wait before a call is and we are committed to meeting and where possible exceeding your SLA’s.

Once the call is answered customer satisfaction can be affected by how the customer’s call is dealt with. Did the advisor know what they were talking about? Was the call resolved first time? We have thorough training that ensures that our staff are fully skilled, for example on our service for Hull City Council our advisors are trained in over 137 service areas and 2500 process which means they can resolve more calls the first time, reducing repeat callers by 1000 each week and consistently receive a customer satisfaction rating over 98% month on month.

Finally after the call has been taken, has the outcome promised on the call been fulfilled? KC Contact Centres also do case management and have the technology and skills to integrate with your own systems and will even liaise with third parties for you.